Orphans of nargis

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where will the orphans go?

usually they are sent to the monasteries
especially the boys
but now the monasteries are destroyed
where will the orphans go?
may be to the monasteries in bigger cities
the households take the kids 
especially the girls
but usually grow up like servants
as a worker of the household 
they have to earn their keep
not like their own family
emergency shelters shall be at government schools and hospitals
at monasteries and churches
orphanages can be at monasteries
or social ministries
till they can be adopted from a kind family

Trust needed for cyclone aids

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Military or civil

Burmese are fine citizens
you can trust them
they will do their best to reach the victims
Unicef of UN is the most experienced in Burma
Staffed with many local experts
have long relationships with the ministries
I do not know about NGOs
some are very new
some have some experiences
Most of them at border areas
Some of them bible preachers
Many specialize in AIDs and condom promotions
Immediate need is food and shelter
later agricultural
To make sure they can redevelop their farms
I trust the government ministries
education, health and social
to rebuild their schools and hospitals
I trust the resilient Burmese
can over pass the difficulties
rebuild their societies with monasteries
where they can be there after rainy season
doing their goodwill and sharing
listen to dhamma lessons
giving merits for the departed souls lost in storm
regaining posture
regaining peace
regaining their purpose in life
May all free from blaming each other
having doubts
making goodwill turned into unpleasant poisonous thoughts

So What?

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so what! another year under house arrest?

we just have to forget about democracy for a long while
listen and trust Mr Ban Ki Moon’s Asian wisdom
people need help , democracy? 
Sorry, no one is interested right now
Why must they suffer, starve and die for your Western Ideals
Do not forget to Analyze your Own Self!
Whether your heart is Sincere or Pure
Acting as if you are a Savior
Look down upon your Path 
Where you are heading with your Words and Acts
to Heaven or to HELL??


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I feel so much looking at these people
caught between two cyclones
Nargis and western politics
Food and Shelter basic needs
Livelihood and future
education and training
financial assistance and technology
These will have to be given to them before any ideology
These people are peaceful passive, cultured in Buddhism
Do not teach them to be angry
like the rights of your minorities in the West
drinking booze and taking benefits
They blame upon themselves for the disaster
they will struggle themselves
they will beg if you pay
they will dance if you give them chance
Give a chance for them to work
instead to become beggars forever
Please know the country
Please understand our culture
Please look at the immediate risks and needs
I beg you all UN and Western
Go beyond your rigid rules
and reach them!


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What kind of dream you are chasing for ? What kind of luxury you are chasing for ?
What kind of happiness you want?
If it is of never ending ever suffering nature it is called Wayda-thukha.
If it if of eternal peace and calming satisfaction, it is called Thandi- thukha.
Wayda is associated with your senses, smelling nice, tasting , touching, feelings, seeing hearing good music etc. As the stimulants disappear after you have enjoyed them, you want to have them again and work hard, suffer to get them. Your senses become numb to small stimulants and you crave for more , bigger, stronger ones which will make you work more, suffer more.
Along the way, you cheat, you lie, you do whatever you need to get your goals and your desires. The pay back is bigger than the prizes you get by doing bad evil things to people thus following the trail to hell.
On the other hand, the wealth and happiness of Thandi – thukha is not associated with senses. It is peaceful and you do not suffer since you do not need to work hard to achieve them. You do not need to enjoy and feel those senses. You see the luxury goods as suffering. Big cars, big houses, pretty things, brand name expensive goods are all suffering which will get you more into debt , which will make you lie and cheat and you have to pay back higher than you get.
So watch out your senses and look out for your goals of happiness!
Wayda or Thandi?
which will give you peace!
present and future forever in peace!
go to heaven and not hell in your next life!
Go for Thandi!

Bad karma for Dior

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The world is full of funny things going on. Sharon Stone meant well when saying that the earth quake in China is retribution for Tibet policy and Dior had to come out to rescue their products sold in China. As Chinese become affluent, the luxury brands are making growth in the new markets. As Hong Kong reduced restrictions in wine imports, all European wineries are rushing in to market their high priced wines. The new Russians are building palace like mansions and they wear expensive European watches.

As a Burmese I always feel sad and angry when I buy something made in China which is unavoidable. I am glad I am contributing some to a poor chinese family but why can’t I do the same for a Burmese as well?
When I see the stories of China in National Geographic magazines as the Chinese leaving their farms to become construction workers in the cities , it makes me wonder why their communism and agricultural revolution had failed. Why can’t Chinese farmers prosper in their own villages?The impressive Shanghai skyline with skyscrapers built during this past two decades when we Burmese were left to struggle alone without any outside investments and aid, made me so sick of international politics.
As poor people in US can afford cheap goods imported from China, the rich people of China who exploit cheap labor can afford luxury goods imported from US and Europe. I can never buy a mink coat or an expensive watch thinking of what that amount can feed families in my country. But I have seen rich people from Yangon crazy about brand names. It is their freedom to do whatever they want with their wealth if they get it from fair and clean business. I will understand that they will need it if they are in a society where they are expected to dress up in brand name dresses and watches. We still do not have that kind of society yet, I hope. We do have a society where we wear diamonds and precious stones since old days. The same people usually do charity at monasteries and pagodas so they are always admired by the public. Rich people in Burma are usually not despised by poor people as long as they are good Buddhists.
My friends from India are so proud that they now have on Indian man as the world’s richest list. Yet we all know that there are millions of Indians living in poverty.
Everyday people in US this week find gas prices 4 $ which I thought was impossible a few years back. Many Americans have cut back their costs today staying home cheap and there is no problem about that they said. May be their good days are over and it is time to go back to old fashioned thrifty days. Yet, things are still awfully cheap whatever you need if you do not go for brand names. ( You just need to shop in Walmart and Dollar General.) The fact is, socialism is in the West and capitalism now starting in the East — the world is making the balancing act.
So where will my country fits in today to join without blessing from the West, and find our own path in this world? Go back to socialism? NO! Communism? NO Way ! go forward with capitalism? or as usual our Burmese way , our own unique way? Buddhism plus capitalism? There we go again, lets follow a path the world has not known yet. We always have to be strange though we are the most simple, honest , conservative , liberal and capitalist country as we always are. There must be a veil to be lifted out of our face for the world to know our real nature. Who will do that? How to do that ?

Life in USA!

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The temperature today is in 20 highs so it is the best temp for skiing in NY state. We are lucky to spend the whole day at a ski resort one and a half hour away from us. This is our first day of skiing since we come back from Myanmar. Winter is unseasonably cold this season and people are laughing at Al Gore‘s talk of global warming.

I find that New Yorkers complain a lot about their system and their government almost everyday. The taxes are so high here. They have to pay school tax whether they have kids or not and city taxes plus the government tax and state tax. None of them think the government is using it right. None of them think it is fair for them to be taxed so much and some lazy people are living off from their tax dollar.

They all said the government is so corrupted especially here in New York State. The government money goes to their buddies, local contractors. No one is happy with the health system nor the Insurance companies and Pharmaceutical companies. Today my friend buys her Ventolin inhaler which is now 25 dollars more she has to pay since the green people contest that the generic inhalant causes environmental pollution. ” We do not know whether people live or plants live on this earth,” one of us commented.

My romance with this democratic country is almost over now after hearing everyday from locals here how they are so messed up with the systems here. I like my life in Burma more peaceful and simple. No democracy but no tax collectors, no payments, no stupid rules and systems to be scared of. I find that the Burmese people are the happiest people on earth.

“If I do not hear Americans saying their regular discontent, my life in USA will be much more enjoyable ,” I thought. The next thing, we went to get our car get a new fitness test to renew the license, the workshop told us of three different things we need to fix and drop a few thousand dollars or else the car goes to funeral home. The motor vehicle department has the direct access to the computer you are linking the car test equipment which you must pass. Luckily , we moved the car to another place and they would fix it with a very reasonable amount and get the car passed. What a relief for us! our car is running well and we are using cars much older than this in Yangon with no problem and we do not want to waste such a car. But this country has its own rackets in so many industries that it makes me sick.

I will be skiing more for this season and will go back to my own country where I can live peacefully among our people. There might be no electricity nor democracy but I really feel happy there.

The international news we read this week about my country is sick as well, Angelina Jolie asked Thailand to accept the Burmese refugees. They also asked Myanmar to accept Rohinjas. She should also ask US to accept the Mexican workers. One New York Times reporter wrote a grand article after been to the refugee camp at the border during his family holiday to Thailand. The pictures show normal life like any other villages in Myanmar except that the victims were caged in that area for some people to tap funds from governments. I would believe him if I have not been living in his country for four years. There will always be problem with western imposed democracy in eastern countries as long as people do not understand the culture and stages of development of different parts of the globe. That does not deserve us to be discriminated from other nations among the international community. These refugees want jobs and a decent living in any country and most of them are economic refugees which you can help by investments in our country. Sanctions are going nowhere!