Daily Archives: October 27, 2015

Let the world Help our people!

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each day we pray
each morning we hope
that the dead and destroyed areas saved
we are sure that the world can help
better and faster than what you are doing now

a UN plane arrived after two days delay

why are you making of yourselves seen as devils
obstructing help needed by people
what are you afraid of 
in this kind of catastrophe
we do not think about ourselves
we think for all
for the victims
there shall be no borders
visas shall not be needed
for helpful samaritans
with equipments and medicines
do not be a control freak
show the world that you are noble
nobler than the lady
who asked for sanctions
this is not business nor for power
this is humanity
forget about her
show the world that you are a real man
a real soldier
a real army 
who wish for the goodness for its people.
the world is flat
for anyone who helps
welcome all
for their kindness
Have no FEAR for journalists
Have no FEAR for foreigners
Have no FEAR for anyone
show your goodness!