Dr Than Nyein released from prison

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Dr Than Nyein was elected from Kyauktan in a place at  Thanlyin across the river from the city of Yangon where DeBritto the Portugese King ruled during Myanmar King’s days. One beautiful Armenian church is there on the way to the pagoda in the river where you can feed the fish.  It is a favorite place for us to visit for a day.  You can drive out of the city for an hour and cross the bridge a present from China finished after 1988 riots. The BOC oil company , is there since British days now called Thanlyin refinery. The colonial bungalows are still on the landscape with scenic hills along side the river bank. Our company used to go and merchandize our goods at the big yearly festival of the ancient famous pagoda called Kyeikhauk. They also host a yearly Indian religious festival where many Indians like to visit.
Daily commuters from Thanlyin to Yangon usually takes a ferry boat which had a few mishaps of sinking and drowning in the river with over loaded passengers. We lost one of our friend in one accident in 70s.
Ironically Dr Than Nyein is now free but his own brother U Khin Nyunt the general who jailed him is under house arrest. Politics is ugly , craving for power and wealth can make brothers and families kill each other. During U Khin Nyunt’s time a Thilawar international port was built and some big plots were assigned for an industrial zone. We drove around there the last time in 2006 but the place looked dead and deserted.
They are all old now. Generals are getting old however rich they are they have to face death undoubtedly. The political prisoners are old and are facing health problems. For Burmese Buddhists , in the third part of our lives at old age, we have to prepare ourselves for next life. Make the best out of the rest of the time to take good karma for our own self. That means shedding useless attachments to any thing, ideas, party and associations, families, wealth, power , luxuries etc. Knowing the truth and act practical and one must leave a good moral path for the next generation.
May Dr. Than Nyein spend the rest of his life in peace and in good health. May he try to unwind the past and help build a smooth future for our next generation.

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