Trust needed for cyclone aids

Military or civil

Burmese are fine citizens
you can trust them
they will do their best to reach the victims
Unicef of UN is the most experienced in Burma
Staffed with many local experts
have long relationships with the ministries
I do not know about NGOs
some are very new
some have some experiences
Most of them at border areas
Some of them bible preachers
Many specialize in AIDs and condom promotions
Immediate need is food and shelter
later agricultural
To make sure they can redevelop their farms
I trust the government ministries
education, health and social
to rebuild their schools and hospitals
I trust the resilient Burmese
can over pass the difficulties
rebuild their societies with monasteries
where they can be there after rainy season
doing their goodwill and sharing
listen to dhamma lessons
giving merits for the departed souls lost in storm
regaining posture
regaining peace
regaining their purpose in life
May all free from blaming each other
having doubts
making goodwill turned into unpleasant poisonous thoughts

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