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Life in USA!

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The temperature today is in 20 highs so it is the best temp for skiing in NY state. We are lucky to spend the whole day at a ski resort one and a half hour away from us. This is our first day of skiing since we come back from Myanmar. Winter is unseasonably cold this season and people are laughing at Al Gore‘s talk of global warming.

I find that New Yorkers complain a lot about their system and their government almost everyday. The taxes are so high here. They have to pay school tax whether they have kids or not and city taxes plus the government tax and state tax. None of them think the government is using it right. None of them think it is fair for them to be taxed so much and some lazy people are living off from their tax dollar.

They all said the government is so corrupted especially here in New York State. The government money goes to their buddies, local contractors. No one is happy with the health system nor the Insurance companies and Pharmaceutical companies. Today my friend buys her Ventolin inhaler which is now 25 dollars more she has to pay since the green people contest that the generic inhalant causes environmental pollution. ” We do not know whether people live or plants live on this earth,” one of us commented.

My romance with this democratic country is almost over now after hearing everyday from locals here how they are so messed up with the systems here. I like my life in Burma more peaceful and simple. No democracy but no tax collectors, no payments, no stupid rules and systems to be scared of. I find that the Burmese people are the happiest people on earth.

“If I do not hear Americans saying their regular discontent, my life in USA will be much more enjoyable ,” I thought. The next thing, we went to get our car get a new fitness test to renew the license, the workshop told us of three different things we need to fix and drop a few thousand dollars or else the car goes to funeral home. The motor vehicle department has the direct access to the computer you are linking the car test equipment which you must pass. Luckily , we moved the car to another place and they would fix it with a very reasonable amount and get the car passed. What a relief for us! our car is running well and we are using cars much older than this in Yangon with no problem and we do not want to waste such a car. But this country has its own rackets in so many industries that it makes me sick.

I will be skiing more for this season and will go back to my own country where I can live peacefully among our people. There might be no electricity nor democracy but I really feel happy there.

The international news we read this week about my country is sick as well, Angelina Jolie asked Thailand to accept the Burmese refugees. They also asked Myanmar to accept Rohinjas. She should also ask US to accept the Mexican workers. One New York Times reporter wrote a grand article after been to the refugee camp at the border during his family holiday to Thailand. The pictures show normal life like any other villages in Myanmar except that the victims were caged in that area for some people to tap funds from governments. I would believe him if I have not been living in his country for four years. There will always be problem with western imposed democracy in eastern countries as long as people do not understand the culture and stages of development of different parts of the globe. That does not deserve us to be discriminated from other nations among the international community. These refugees want jobs and a decent living in any country and most of them are economic refugees which you can help by investments in our country. Sanctions are going nowhere!