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What kind of dream you are chasing for ? What kind of luxury you are chasing for ?
What kind of happiness you want?
If it is of never ending ever suffering nature it is called Wayda-thukha.
If it if of eternal peace and calming satisfaction, it is called Thandi- thukha.
Wayda is associated with your senses, smelling nice, tasting , touching, feelings, seeing hearing good music etc. As the stimulants disappear after you have enjoyed them, you want to have them again and work hard, suffer to get them. Your senses become numb to small stimulants and you crave for more , bigger, stronger ones which will make you work more, suffer more.
Along the way, you cheat, you lie, you do whatever you need to get your goals and your desires. The pay back is bigger than the prizes you get by doing bad evil things to people thus following the trail to hell.
On the other hand, the wealth and happiness of Thandi – thukha is not associated with senses. It is peaceful and you do not suffer since you do not need to work hard to achieve them. You do not need to enjoy and feel those senses. You see the luxury goods as suffering. Big cars, big houses, pretty things, brand name expensive goods are all suffering which will get you more into debt , which will make you lie and cheat and you have to pay back higher than you get.
So watch out your senses and look out for your goals of happiness!
Wayda or Thandi?
which will give you peace!
present and future forever in peace!
go to heaven and not hell in your next life!
Go for Thandi!